My name is Carmen, I’m 30 years-old and I am originally from Romania. In 2008,  I had my first trip in Austria, with my boyfriend. I was anxious, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy traveling. I will never forget my parents’ words, before leaving home, when they told me this will just be one of my many trips. I will love it and it will be so difficult to stop. I would always want to see more and as far away as possible.

Despre Veni Vidi Amo

A few years later, with many travels in our minds and especially in our hearts, a few of them in some remote regions of the globe, we enter with the same anxiety a new challenge, a bit different: creating a playground for other travel passionates, with stories from our own travels. Veni Vidi Amo was born from a huge passion for people and places, that we visited and still love since then.

Our hope is that our stories, photos and information will inspire and motivate you to conquer the world and meet new people and cultures, taste delicious food and have memorable experiences, to be told forever after.

If you are already here, it means we share the same passion.